zsolnay arts district


A few of us met up with Sári and her boyfriend for an optional tour of the Zsolnay arts district. Its named after Zsolnay the artist and owner of a very famous porcelain factory in Pécs.

Walking around, before entering the Zsolnay museum, we saw a lot of artwork and sculptures. One of them was an entire wall with randomly placed tiles. These tiles we all decorated at an art festival in Pécs a few years ago.

The Zsolnay museum showcased a lot of items. From ovens, intricately decorated tiles, to sculptures, bathroom sinks, tea sets, Bundt pans and silverware.

Zolnay even partnered with Vasarely, the modern artist whose museum we went to before this, to create a huge Vasarely sculpture out of tile.

There was a pink exhibition with all or mostly pieces designed with different shades of pink glaze.

The final collection we saw was the Gyugyi collection. This set of pieces was entirely art nouveau, very interesting and beautiful pieces of pottery.


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