pécs cathedral


Our next stop on the tour was the Pécs cathedral. The building itself has gone through 4 different stages: a smaller Roman chapel, then it grew in size, after is was taken over and converted to a mosque before it was again taken over by the Christians and converted into what it is today.

When the tour guide took us in the church, she said that the cathedral’s organ was pretty high tech. In fact, it is so high tech that the organ player can play from a different piano that connects to the organs through WiFi. They move this piano in the center of the cathedral so everyone can see them play and hear the beautiful music at that same time.

WiFi piano

When our tour guide took us into the basement of the church, the ceilings were actually pretty high and quite beautiful. She said the the space is actually used for choirs to sing, because the sound reverberates very well in the space. She even sang us a song!


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