dinner, a women’s rally and csinos presszó

After a little rest in the hotel post-tour, we met up and got dinner at a place called Lezser, right near the hotel. Lezser actually means casual in Hungarian, and the vibe of the restaurant was very cozy.

After dinner, we walked around the main square for a bit and saw that there was a women’s rally happening! How nice to see the empowerment of women reaching all parts of the world.

We found a cool cafe/pub that actually reminded us a lot of the “ruin pub” scene in Budapest. Csinos Presszó had an outdoor terrace, really cool artwork all over the walls, and very mismatched but cool furniture and couches for people to lounge on.

Csinos Presszó
Csinos Presszó
Holly, Nina, Alex and Maddie at Csinos Presszó

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