night out with lőrinc & klári

Lőrinc and Klári invited me to hang out with a bunch of their colleagues and friends, and I was so excited. We met up by BME, sat outside drinking fröccs and played the Hungarian version of UNO (SOLO), while the sun went down. The cafe/pub where we were playing cards serves a dish called bundás kenyér, and Lőrinc suggested we share one so I could get a taste of this Hungarian dish that you can’t get many places. Bundás kenyér is like the Hungarian and savory version of french toast. They batter the bread with eggs, fry it, and serve it with cheese on top.


We then migrated to a campus pub on the main floor of actually one of the dormitories of BME. There was a foosball table and plenty of seating. In Hungarian, they call foosball csocsó, and of course we had to play a few rounds together. Since we were playing at a pub, if the other team got a goal, the losing team or player would take a drink. The other part of the group posted up at the table playing a card game called BANG! It seemed a bit too complicated and all in Hungarian for me to join in, but it looked like a lot of fun! As the night progressed, we got popcorn and pretzels to munch on. Some of the guys started getting silly and tried to fit pretzel sticks in their mouth…

We then migrated to a different pub, because Lőrinc wanted to feed me yet another classic Hungarian food called rántott hús, very similar to a schnitzel. There was limited seating, so we shared a table with a Brizilian girl, Ana, who was here on vacation and a friend from her hostel.



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