leves, juhász cuki, and esetleg


With a free afternoon and evening after I finished up class and volunteering for the day, I met up with Grace to get soup for lunch at a place by school called Leves. Leves is a really popular and cheap soup bar that a lot of students from Corvinus head to to grab a bite (or in this case, a sip) between classes. The soups they offer change about every week and this time, Grace got the cauliflower soup, and it was so good!!

We walked down a really cute street near school called Ráday Utca to meet up with Abby and grabbed some ice cream together at a place called Juhász Cuki. I tried the chestnut and pear flavors together and it felt very spring-y, especially since the sun has been out so much!

Abby and Grace at Juhasz Gelato
Juhasz Gelato

Later in the evening, I met up with Maddie by the Danube to watch the sun go down and enjoy the beautiful evening we had by the river. We found a cute place called Esetleg Bisztró, enjoyed conversation, bruschetta, and a couple of fröccs while the sun set behind the Liberty Bridge.



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