walking with friends and finding wild herbs

This past weekend, Maddie’s friends were in town. We took her friend, Tessa, all around Budapest on a wonderfully sunny day. We first got bagels at Budapest Bagel, walked to the big indoor market by Corvinus and hopped on top of the Liberty bridge to enjoy the view of the Danube and Budapest.

Screenshot from 2017-03-20 18-54-57.png
Kosher egg, radish, avocado, sprouts, and cream cheese on a poppy seed bagel

We then walked along the Danube towards the famous Chain bridge and crossed over to the Buda side to get to the Castle district. It was a gorgeous day, so we walked all around and lounged in the terrace. I found some bushes by the castle that had wild thyme and rosemary growing, and I just had to pick some to have around the house. Fresh herbs are necessary to keep around in my kitchen…

Screenshot from 2017-03-20 14-11-04
Lounging in the sun at the Buda Castle terrace with the fresh + wild rosemary and thyme I found

Afterwards, we headed back over the Chain bridge and walked straight towards St. Stephens Basilica – which happens to be right by our favorite gelato place, Gelarto Rosa. This time, I tried chili chocolate, coconut and banana all in the shape of a rose. It was so good – exactly what we needed after a full day of walking around Budapest.




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