When the rest of Maddie’s friends arrived (currently studying abroad in Copenhagen), she suggested we hit up a nearby street food market called, Karaván, for a traditional Hungarian food called lángos. Lángos is basically a savory funnel cake (so fried dough) served with sour cream and cheese on top – it kind of looks like pizza. This is the first time I have gotten it while I have been here – I had it once last year when I visited Budapest and I am glad I have held out so long, because it is the kind of thing that you oughtn’t eat very often…

Screenshot from 2017-03-20 19-16-00

Karaván has several different food trucks that serve all sort of things. The lángos truck had a few variations that were quite elevated. One of the truck’s specialties is a lángos burger, so the bun is actually fried dough, that a few of the girls ordered and they said it was delicious. But you could also get a traditional lángos with any topping they had, including sauteed peppers, arugula and even chicken paprika!

Afterwards, we popped into Szimpla Kert’s weekly Sunday farmers market – very cute. We walked around, bought some artisan jalapeño mustard (Marmaladys), and more fresh herbs because why not…


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