belated 3.14 day & nonnie’s bolognese


Unfortunately on Pi day, March 14th, I didn’t get the time to make pie. I put up a twitter poll to see what kind of pie I should make – either berry or apple. Apple got the most votes so I got the ingredients, whipped up the dough and let it chill in the fridge overnight. My housemates helped me cut up the apples and marinate them with honey, sugar and a fair amount of cinnamon.

Apple pie painted with egg wash, a sprinkle of sugar and ready for the oven!
Screenshot from 2017-03-20 14-11-22
Beautiful Apple Pie!

One of my other housemates, Corie, had gotten her grandmother’s recipe for bolognese. Over the next couple of days, we got the ingredients and invited a gang over and made huge batch of bolognese. We chopped everything up and threw it in a pot to start cooking down. During those couple of hours that the sauce was cooking, we roasted broccoli, made sun dried tomato biscuits, grated Hungarian Parmesan cheese (a little different tasting than Italian, haha) and boiled the pasta for everyone.



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