another heavenly meal with lőrinc & klári

Last time at Lőrinc and Klári’s, they took the delectable Italian route with stuffed cannelloni’s. This time, they took the zesty Vietnamese route with pho. They took the day to prepare a chicken and beef broth as the base, adding in later some spices like star anise, cinnamon and ginger to add more of the traditional Vietnamese pho flavors.  With that done, all we had to do was prepare the toppings: cut up some green onion, chili, herbs, garlic, bean sprouts and cook the rice noodles. Once we had everything all set up, each person could build heir pho how they like it. It was such a  great experience and seems pretty easy to prepare as well!

Afterwards, we settled down upstairs with some David Bowie and a deck of cards to play my favorite Hungarian card game, Rikiki.

On my walk home, I passed through the quite peaceful Millenáris Park.


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