art museums + upside down apple cake


After a morning at the Lehel market, I met up with Maddie to go to the Ludwig Contemporary Art Museum. A girl from our program recommended it to Maddie, and we have been itching to get to an art museum together. Since we don’t have classes on Fridays and aren’t traveling this weekend, we finally got around to it. It was a really good mix of digital, film and mixed media art. My favorite was video called Lullaby by an artist named Tamás Komoróczky. The video was a rendition of The Smiths’ There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.

We met up with Abby, Meghan and Dash who were studying at a cafe by our apartment and stayed there for a few hours getting some work done (hence the past few blog posts). We came back to the apartment and because I had gotten a few apples at the market this morning, I had plans to make an upside down apple cake. I used Bon Appetit’s recipe for an upside down pear cake, but substituted apples because for some weird reason my housemates were way less excited about pears than apples. It turned out beautifully though!


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