liberty bridge and buddha bowls

Between classes and after an afternoon of volunteering at Radnóti Miklós Gyakorlóiskola, I met up with Maddie to spend some time outside by the river. Our school is right on the Danube and adjacent to the Liberty Bridge (how lucky are we?) We ran into our friend, Christine, and headed to hangout on the bridge. Since it was nice out, there is enough space actually in the center dip of the bridge to sit and enjoy the view.

Afterwards, Grace had messaged me with a dinner idea – Buddha Bowls. Basically a bunch of good stuff for you in a bowl with an asian twist. With a base of spinach, we cooked up some quinoa, roasted veggies, sauteed chicken, cut up some avocado, threw on some sesame seeds and made a spicy, lime-peanut sauce to dress it all. It was sooo good!! It was such a balanced dinner; I really am enjoying cooking with Grace.


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