conquering phyllo dough with anika


I have always looked fondly at phyllo pastries – spanikopita, baklava, you name it. However, I know that working with phyllo dough can be tough and tricky. You have to be gentle with it and make sure it doesn’t dry out. I saw it at the market the other day and bought a package to face my fears… I had planned to make quiche with Anika, and figured instead of making the pie crust for it, I could somehow use the phyllo dough that I had bought. I told Anika my idea and luckily, she has worked with phyllo dough before, so we had some direction. Well it turned out beautiful, delicious and I am no longer afraid of phyllo dough! The first night we made a sun dried tomato, melted leek and parmesean quiche/phyllo tart thing, quiche-kopita?? The following night we got ingredients to make a swiss cheese, sauteed mushroom and onion one, which was equally wonderful, but completely different.


The following morning we still had more phyllo dough left, so we whipped up a spiced, honey apple pie for breakfast.



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