homemade gnocchi night

Whenever Grace and I have an idea about something we want to cook we just go for it. She had suggested making gnocchi because she had made it before, and its fairly easy ingredient wise. We had flour, cherry tomatoes, herbs, butter, eggs and white wine for the sauce, so really all we needed were a couple of potatoes and the man power. We got right down to it and it was so much easier than I had thought! Pasta definitely intimidates me…but gnocchi was easy because you really don’t need any machinery for it. We don’t have a pasta maker and do not need one for gnocchi. Dinner was really as easy as boiling potatoes and whipping together the dough and very simple but delicious herbed white wine sauce with sauteed cherry tomatoes. What a cooking team Grace and I make!

Afterwards, we thought we’d reward ourselves by going down to a dessert shop down the block called The Sweet. I got some really cute and yummy macaroons, and Grace got a very colorful meringue.



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