organ concert + late dinner with grace


My program coordinators here in Budapest gave us all the option to sign up for an organ concert that was held in St. Stephen’s basilica. The basilica is quite close to where I live, and I thought it would be nice to go and hear some classical music in the beautiful basilica with some of my program peers and coordinator. The organs are definitely demanding of your attention and filled the space with beautiful music. The organ pianist was accompanied by a violinist and it was a striking concert. I am very glad I went!

Afterwards, Grace and I met up after her late class ended and my organ concert finished at a Mexican place called Iguana’s. It was really good… My father is in Mexico as I am writing this and sent me photos of tacos al pastor to make me jealous, so here are some photos of the tacos al pastor I had here. Obviously it can’t compare, but I don’t want to feel left out!

We actually had a quite in depth mature discussion – not argument – about spirituality and religion. It was a late night, (but a good one) filled with music, food, margaritas, and satisfying talks of spirituality.


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  1. leonardomarino1 says:

    Te amo mucho!!!


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