pasta date with abby


Last Thursday evening, half the apartment left for a long weekend trip. Abby and I were going away that weekend too, but we left Friday. So we found ourselves alone Thursday evening, wanting to keep it lowkey because we both had to be up pretty early the next day to travel. Abby had plans to go to Vienna with some friends in a different study abroad program here in Budapest, and I had plans for Galway to see my friend, Janelle from Saint Michael’s College, who is studying there.

Two blocks away, there is a very highly rated pasta bar, that Abby and I were dying to try. You pick a freshly made pasta out of the glass case, a sauce to go with it, and in about ten minutes they’ll have it up to your table. It was delicious, and so nice to spend an evening chit chatting with Abby.



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  1. leonardomarino1 says:

    Great job! I am glad you are being so active and engaging. Way to go Nena


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