leányfalu get away


One of the main reasons I decided to study abroad here in Budapest is because my father has a colleague/friend here. The relationship began many years ago when my father was getting his PhD and took a course on Bioinformatics in Trieste, Italy. Sándor was one of the professors and coordinators of the course. After returning to Trieste a few more times over the years, Sándor and my father became good friends. In addition to having a scholarly connection, they enjoy each others presence enough to share wonderful Italian seafood, pasta, and Grappa together in Trieste.

Last summer, the whole family came to visit Trieste, while my father and Sándor taught Bioinformatics for a week to a whole array of students from all over the world including Peru, Macedonia, Venezuela, India, and Hungary. Two of which, were Sándor’s son, Lőrinc and his wife, Klari – both getting their PhDs right now.

Sándor and his family were kind enough to invite us to stay with them in Hungary for a week following the course, and we had a fantastic time with them. Sándor and his wife, Emese now live just outside of Budapest in a small town called Leányfalu. I stayed with them last weekend to celebrate one of their son’s birthday. We cooked, we ate, we bathed in the thermal baths and I learned a new card game, Rikiki!


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