hungarian cooking lesson


The API Budapest coordinators, Réka and Sári put on an event where we learned how to cook a classic Hungarian dish. The dish we learned how to make was called Kolbaszos Rakott Krumpli. Basically a casserole that had two types of layered Hungarian sausage, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, sour cream and cheese.  I met up with Sári in the morning to go to the market together to get the ingredients. In addition, we got the equivalent of Oreos here in Hungary for dessert and some pickles for the side.

We all pitched in, cutting, peeling, shredding, and layering and ended up with a spectacularly filling meal. Now I know how to make it, so can make it for my family when I get home! We definitely enjoyed the leftovers afterwards…


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  1. smarinoaba says:

    Can’t wait to try it! The only thing is the sausage… maybe we can find something on Amazon…


  2. kulturgram says:

    Once I found a special sausage in Walmart and made some Hungarian dish from that – it was nice, though not the real Hungarian flavours. In New York City there is a Hungarian shop on Amsterdam Avenue, as I heard, maybe you can find some special sausage there as well. Though it’s pretty far from Vermont 😦 Greetings from nearby the Lake Balaton 🙂


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