first week of school


I start off the week with my International Debate class and Contemporary Literature, Film, Visual Arts in Hungary. I love both of them; Int. Debate is very similar to Model UN and I am so excited to start learning and taking different countries’ stances on current events.

As for Contemporary Lit. and Film, our professors are going to take us out on the city to different art galleries and museums every other week to have a more hands on learning experience. We formed groups within the class and will have to present on a topic that interests us about Hungarian contemporary art.

My other classes are Hungarian Language for Beginners, Personality Types and Team Dynamics, and last but not least Management Information Systems. Our professor for Hungarian, Balázs, is so funny. Also, the first couple sessions have surprisingly been a breeze. I’m sure it’s about to get difficult very quick, but the past three weeks I have been studying Hungarian for about a half hour every night. It is definitely paying off in terms of being more familiar with pronunciation and some vocabulary.

In my Personality Types and Team Dynamics class we were split up into groups. I am with a girl from the Netherlands and a guy from Hungary, so we have a mix of nationalities and genders, which is supposed to result in more success, according to what we have learned so far about team dynamics! We will have a pretty comprehensive presentation at the end of the semester about the dynamics of a team here in Budapest that we will interview and report on.

Now, the class I am most excited about, Management Info. Systems, looks like it will give me my fill of learning nerdy stuff. As a Computer Science major, it feels very weird not to be taking any programming classes, so this will be the closest thing to something I may take at SMC. It is a class designed for business students to learn more about how IT plays a crucial role in the success of businesses. We will have case studies through the semester that will show us how to problem solve issues that may come up with IT in a business. So maybe not as nerdy as I hoped, but still exciting.

We have about thirty minutes between the different blocks of class, so it is nice because I can go sit down grab a coffee, or get lunch without too much of a rush. All in all, the first week was a success and I am looking forward to filling my head with more and very different information!

I have also been cooking! So here is a glimpse of my housemates and our time relaxing outside of class.


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  1. smarinoaba says:

    What is the ratio of exchange student to Hungarian in your MIS class?


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