friends in budapest

So I currently have been spending a lot of time with my housemates, which has been great. I love them! They hail from states all over the US like PA, NY, CA, and WI. Our routine consists of something like class, coffee, apartment, cook, eat, watch the bachelor, hit up the wine bar across the street, etc. We have also met a lot of other people in our classes, like other Erasmus students from different parts of Europe, as well as people from South and Central America and most importantly, cool HUNGARIANS!!

One of the first nights we went to a tapas bar, which had flamenco dancing, great food and great wine. We had a group of about 12 people from our orientation group all gather and enjoy the music, getting to know each other.

After another orientation session, we checked out a cafe called Konyha, which means ‘kitchen’ in Hungarian. We had a funny interaction with the waiter when I tried to tell the waiter that the food was delicious in Hungarian, “Finom!” He appreciated the attempt though. We figure since it is around the corner and has plenty of table space and good coffee, it is going to be one of our fave study spots.

Last Thursday we met up with one of our Hungarian tandem partners and her friends at a bar and spent the night with them getting to know their favorite places, and what they do for fun. We walked around the city at night, and even though it was quite cold, we had a really good time. More pictures to come when we hang out with them next!


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  1. smarinoaba says:

    Totally hearing on this post…. so glad you are out and about!!


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