feliz cumpleaños!!

Happy early birthday to my grandmother! And what a glam grandma she is. We went out for burgers as a pre-celebration at das!Burger in downtown Wiesbaden, so delicious! It has been quite a while since I’ve had a burger, but it was definitely almost as good as my Dad grills them. (Love you, Dad)

I made an upside down spiced pear cake for her birthday, a recipe I had been eyeing for a little while… It was a success! I made the glaze for the pears using pomegranate molasses and orange juice, which added quite a nice element to the sweet pears and the cinnamon-iness in the cake batter. ALSO, instead of just flour, I pulsed roasted walnuts, which added a delightful nutty flavor and texture to the cake! 🙂

P.S. I love cooking

Tomas has been reaaaally into Ghost busters recently and decided to make the marshmallow man as a gift for my grandma, how nice of him! Haha… Very cute. Tom, my uncle, got her a very beautiful flower as well.


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