i also love cooking

Most of you know me. So you already know I love cooking. And baking. And food. So here’s a little update on some good old suzie q cuisine. To begin, a close up on one of my most favorite flavors / aromas.

Fresh rosemary

Herbs are pretty much the secret to how I cook. Fresh herbs are definitely preferred, so hit up your local grocery store or farmers market for your fill. If you’re lucky enough to have warm weather right now and have a garden, you can go ahead and pick them from your backyard (I wish). Unfortunately, we do not have that pleasure here in snowy Germany, so the grocery store it is.

Last week we picked up a box of fresh dill to make some tzatziki sauce and had a ton leftover. So trying to be resourceful, I thought I’d whip up a batch of herby, rosemary and dill, yogurt biscuits.

We also made herby, garlicky focaccia bread, and cinnamon rolls!!

Not quite sure you guys need to see the before pictures but its proof (LOL) that they rose.

Bad bread makers joke… Sorry.

If you don’t get it, read up here.

I promise we had dinner first!

Roasted chicken, butternut squash and red onion…and more herbs because it’s necessary.

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  1. leonardomarino1 says:

    Nena, I am very impressed and I wish I was there to try your creations. Love, tu papi


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