out on the town with my grandma

I really cannot be more grateful for this interim time before my semester abroad. This month has given me time at home with my immediate family (in the midst of a really tumultuous house renovation), time in Germany with them plus my extended family, and finally, after they left, time with just my extended family. This time consists of reading to Tomas, my little cousin, before bed, falling asleep with him and my aunt, Rocio, studying Hungarian while my grandmother studies English, cooking dinner with my aunt, going on grocery store runs, and really just enjoying being a part of their household – even if it’s just for a month…I will treasure this month.

This weekend, my grandmother and I got to know downtown Wiesbaden, checked out the local thrift shops, sipped coffee in cafés, freezed our butts off window shopping, and last but not least, today, we got to indulge in our Colombian cravings at a tiny, local Colombian restaurant.

We arrived, waited a bit to get a couple seats at a shared table and ordered some empanadas to curb our hunger. The owner said they make everything absolutely fresh, so the food would take perhaps a bit longer than the ordinary café. We shared a couple different tropical juices, and ordered a bandeja paisa and a huge arepa con carne to share. What a feast. Seriously, what are the odds you find GOOD Colombian food in Wiesbaden, GE??


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