cookin up a storm with my little cousin

My favorite little St.Mike’s repping cousin!

Today we got a lot of stuff done. Rocio, my aunt, just has a way of knocking everything off her to do list – in the best way possible!

dsc_0183.jpgWhile, Tomas may have a pouty face in this picture, he was actually very helpful and cheerful today. We went to the library, we went shopping, we looked at some toys, ate some Kinder chocolate (Tomas’ fave), and he even lent me a hand with dessert!


We roasted up some chicken and potatoes, whipped up a yummy quinoa salad, and Tomas very kindly helped me make this Banana Zucchini Cake to top it all off!

This was a photo taken by my lovely grandmother (different night, similar yummy quinoa salad). Veggie night: Veggie quiche, quinoa salad, and roasted cauliflower

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